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A student takes part in the September 2019 Global Climate Strike in Kolkata, India. SOPA IMAGES LIMITED/ALAMY

Green and just

How to finance a Green New Deal that is truly global? Fadhel Kaboub has a proposal that builds in colonial and climate reparations.

Latest issue: September-October 2020

Covid-19: Lessons from the pandemic

Marcia Rigg speaks at the annual UFFC rally in 2015. Photo: Panther Manchanda

Ahead of its annual memorial event, Amy Hall speaks to Marcia Rigg of the United Families and Friends Campaign about the impact of deaths in state custody and how families in the UK have been fighting for justice.

Photo: Michelle Kinney

US-Palestinian comedian Maysoon Zayid talks to Subi Shah about acting, politics, race and breaking out as a disabled performer.

Illustration by Sarah John

Green medicine: Yewande Omotoso’s apartment is slowly being taken over by plants, much to her delight.

A small-scale farm worker pictured in Tanzania.  (Alun McDonald/Oxfam)

Nikki van der Gaag remembers the history of race and representation discussions in the development sector and asks, what has really changed?

Credit: Daniel Espinosa Guzman

Carole Concha Bell speaks to defiant protesters who have been met with violence and intimidation ahead of Chile’s historic plebiscite to overturn Pincohet’s constitution.

Lanaré Sévi/WikiCommons

Nick Dowson explores options for monitoring people in the interest of public health while respecting their privacy.

Past issues

More from New Internationalist

Community journalists from the northeast of England on the impact of air pollution on their lives.

Stephanie Boyd on the making of a groundbreaking indigenous film about the pandemic in Peru’s Amazon.

Wardruna Credit: Kim Ohrling

Louise Gray and Malcolm Lewis weigh up the latest releases in alternative music.

Ema directed by Pablo Larraín

Malcolm Lewis on the latest arthouse releases.

Credit: Berto D'Sera

Dirty air is not an impossible problem. Beth Gardiner assesses some places cleaning up their act.

Illustration by Sarah John

Yewande Omotoso’s namesake leads her down some unusual pathways.

Credit: Ryoji-Iwata/Unsplash

Popular wisdom has it that everything is speeding up, including population growth. Danny Dorling shows just...

Stijn Strake/Unsplash

Agricultural air pollution seems to be a tough nut to crack. Amy Hall explores the air-pollution problem...

Children join with residents of Mahul to form a human chain as part of an International Human Rights Day protest against the government. Pratik Chorge/Hindustan Times via Getty Images

India’s air pollution crisis affects millions, and not just in Delhi. Aruna Chandrasekhar meets people...

Photo: Nina Subin

Maaza Mengiste talks to Subi Shah about the women who fought Mussolini in Ethiopia. 

Terrence Floyd, George Floyd's brother, speaks at his brother's memorial at Chicago Ave and E 38th St in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Credit: Lorie Shaull/Flickr

Amy Hall on why the Black Lives Matter movement is once again resonating around the world.

A father and his young daughter visit the Stone Flower monument at Jasenovac. Designed by the famous Serb architect Bogdan Bogdanović, it is a memorial to the victims of Ustasha atrocities during the Second World War. FERDINANDO PIEZZI/ALAMY

The country’s political class is letting fascists off the hook and allowing history to be distorted. Jelena Prtorić...

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