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Cambridge Analytica – the disbanded data analytics company that allegedly used its software to create and disseminate hateful and inciting messages – in relation to Trump and Brexit, the company also played a nefarious role disseminating fake news in Africa.  In Nigeria, it tried to influence the 2015 election

This article is almost two years old.

Misinformation is rife, but it’s nothing new, writes Nanjala Nyabola.

Photo from the relaunch issue of New Internationalist

This article is more than two years old.

It's finally here. Issue 515, the relaunch magazine, has officially landed!

The front cover of New Internationalist’s redesigned September magazine

This article is more than two years old.

The making of #NI515: why we went for Tim Hetherington’s portrait from Liberia as the relaunch cover for the redesigned...

Credit: Daniel Espinosa Guzman

Carole Concha Bell speaks to defiant protesters who have been met with violence and intimidation ahead of...

Photo by Bureau of Land Management New Mexico

Endtimes for Big Oil. Danny Chivers and Jess Worth have some good news from the frontlines...

Lanaré Sévi/WikiCommons

Nick Dowson explores options for monitoring people in the interest of public health while respecting their...

A car cleaner in Monrovia, Liberia. Informal workers have been hardest hit by lockdown measures. TOMMY E TRENCHARD/ALAMY

Economies in a tailspin will need a different vision to steady them, believes Dinyar Godrej.

Health workers demonstrate handwashing techniques to Mukuru community members. Photo: Victoria Nthenge

Abandoned by the state, self-organized health workers in Kenya are absorbing the brunt of the pandemic, writes ...

As the World Bank and IMF sound the alarm on debts driven sky high by Covid-19 in some of the world’s poorest nations,...


Carole Concha Bell on how projectionists have been censored for criticizing the Chilean government’s...

Health workers in action at the Mpilo Central Hospital Covid19 Testing laboratory. Bulawayo, 25 April 2020. Credit: KB Mpofu / ILO

Joylean M Baro on how Zimbabwean doctors on the frontlines of Covid-19 care have been...

Make them pay action at COP25, Madrid. Credit: Victor Barro/FoEI

Amy Hall gives a rundown of some of the companies and industries who have ramped up their ruinous...

Students of group 11 and 12 get computer education in the computer classroom of secondary government school ‘Anjoor’ in the village Ramanagaram, 60km from Bangalore. Credit: Wim Klerx/Computer caste

Schoolchildren are falling through the digital divide, writes Nilanjana Bhowmick.

Natalia Kaliada on the women rising up against Alexander Lukashenko. 

Natalia Kaliada on the women rising up against Alexander Lukashenko. 

QAnon has a lot to learn from Brazil, writes Leonardo Sakamoto.

QAnon has a lot to learn from Brazil, writes Leonardo Sakamoto.

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A data dive into global trends explores how rising malnourishment co-exists with overabundance and waste.


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