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US ‘humanitarian aid’ ups the risk of violent conflict in Venezuela, writes Vanessa Baird.

Venezuela’s a mess, but that gives no right to interfere writes Vanessa Baird

Despite worsening conditions in their home country, growing xenophobia is causing many to consider moving back home to...

Eva Golinger

When US lawyer Eva Golinger first spent some time in Venezuela she little realized how the country was going to change her...

This article is more than one year old.

This is the best opportunity since 1998 that the opposition has to defeat the Bolivarian Revolution. So why are they...

A community school in Baranca Honda, Puebla state, Mexico. Photo: Tamara Pearson

This article is almost two years old.

Tamara Pearson explains why the poor are not taken seriously on creative stages.

This article is more than two years old.

The state may still be the primary oppressor of civil society rights, but transnational corporations now have a greater impact...

This article is almost three years old.

Tamara Pearson profiles this South American country, from the November issue of New Internationalist...

This article is more than three years old.

The time has come for rural communities to play an important role in the country, reports Tamara Pearson.

This article is almost four years old.

The country has fought off big agribusiness and promoted agroecology, explains Nick Dearden.

This article is almost five years old.

Maruška Mileta reports from Venezuela on a meeting of minds before next month’s UN climate talks.

This article is more than five years old.

Samir Jeraj writes on the South American country’s policy of basing rents on construction costs rather than...

This article is more than six years old.

Why haven’t the US and EU recognized a legitimate result? asks Jody McIntyre.

This article is more than six years old.

Jody McIntyre speaks to supporters of both Maduro and Capriles as the country prepares to decide a successor...

This article is more than six years old.

Jody McIntyre
reports from Caracas on how life changed for disabled people after Hugo Chàvez came into...

This article is more than six years old.

Glevys Rondón tells the story of Zenaida Romero, a proud young leader from a family of...


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